Herwin van Ha´nk

S.804317, 99cm., First premium

Herwin was born at, may 18th 1993. He was licensed as a 3 year old stallion and got a premium. The years after this, Herwin got 5 times a second premium, and as a highlight a first premium in 2003. After he finished succesfully his descendant investigation, Herwin is approved for a 4 year term in 1999. Herwin has an index of about 12 points, but still not enough descendants for a definite approval. Herwin is the only half brother of the 3 times honour-champion  Nelantinus van de Groote Woerd.

Herwin served in his first year the breedery of Mr. van der Laan at Limburg. After 4 years he was bought back. Herwin is still owned by the combination of Alloysehoeve and Stable Ha´nk at Etten-Leur.

Three half sisters from Herwin: Pauline, Onnie and Rebecca van Ha´nk (Fedor x Donalda) meanwhile got their keenly desired first premium.

Herwin has been hired for the coming seasons 2007, 2008 and 2009 to John Groen at Poortvliet.    



    First premium daughters
Nancy van Ha´nk (m. Agneta van Ha´nk)

Petra van Ha´nk (m. Leila uit de Jade)


                   Rosson of Transy S.596 Preferent  

Sire: Amice van de Amstelhof S.977 

                   Odette van Graafland S.75989 Kroon


                   Winner van Stal Brammelo S.923                                     

Dam: Donalda van Ha´nk S.102181  Kroon/Preferent                           

                   Agneta van Ha´nk S.97997 Kroon/Preferent