Cats and Dogs.

Among the occupants of our farmstead also belongs 11 cats and 3 dogs.

Every year new kittens are being born. 

Our dog "Fanny" with her daughters Phoebe and Gladys are garding the farmstead.   






Nice just a swimm.





Young cats.

 The sisters Phoebe and Gladys.  

A little bit older.



Proud Fanny (left) with her daugthers.






A nice rest.


I keep watching.






Gosh, I'ts me for the picture.





Running in the snow.




All nice colours.








What's going on.




A little bit creepy.






Visiting the neighbours. (Esther and Maike)





What would it be?







It's not for me,such a dressparty.


Take it easy, I was just sleeping.


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