Stal Ha´nk  since 1966

In may 1966 the first Shetland Pony was bought, the skewbald filly Brisita van Breda (Sire. Pauw van Bussum) she stayed till 1974 at Stable Ha´nk, at that moment at the Huybergseweg at Roosendaal. Brisita was at the shows not a genius, her best result was a one years old premium at 1967, her decendants, were only filly's.  

The return came in 1975 with the investment of Helbra of Transy  (Sire. Pericles of Netherley) Helbra got two firts premiums and eight second premiums. Her best known daughters were Mona van Ha´nk and Natasja van Ha´nk respectively Day and Junior Champion at West-Brabant.                                                          

In 1985 Vera van Dorpzicht came to strengthen the ranks. Vera is a daughter of Newton van Dorpzicht x Fluffy of Marshwood (full sister of the preferent Scurry of Marshwood). Vera got her junior-premiums easily. After an accident she had to miss some shows. When she appeared at the show, after a recovery period of three years, as a six year pony, she got a first premium and also became reserve Day-Champion. The two years after that, she also got first premiums. From the descendants of Vera mainly the sit in to this day, consists of the breedery of Stable Ha´nk.

The best known ponies of Stable Ha´nk at a row:

The first premium stallion  Herwin van Ha´nk  

Also the first premium mares:

Helbra of Transy, Crackle of Marshwood, Zonnetje van Stal Geerhof and Vera van Dorpzicht.

Own breed first premium mares:

Wendy, Agneta, Amanda, Bonny, Carola, Donalda, Fluffy, Lotte, Natalie, Nancy, Onnie, Petra, Pauline, Rebecca and Tamara van Ha´nk.  



Most important results at the show at West-Brabant: 


Pictures Golden Wedding




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